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The hotel is found next to the Sanctuary Mariano of Cussanio. Center of devotion mariana and destination of pilgrimages, were built in the place of the apparition of the Virgo happened in 1521. To the inside cloths of the Claret, frescos of the Films and a beautiful wooden choir are guarded. Interesting the gallery with over hundred ex vote, testimony of the devotion and the custom of one century.

Twos kilometers of distance it is found Fossano with his/her great architectures: the Cathedral, the Town Building, the Commander's Building (today center of the Box of Saving of Fossano) I am an example of it. Symbol of the city is the castle of the principles of Savoia Acaja, one of the most greater medieval structures in the Piedmont.

The hotel is ideal destination for the one that loves the mountain in all the seasons with the skiing places that are mostly characterized for the descent ski: Snowy Artesina-lawn (district Mondolè Ski) and Lemon Piedmont with his/her Reserve Bianca that you/they respectively represent the second and the third dominion sciabile of the Piedmont and the possibility of excursions to the shade of the Monviso. Finally our hotel is a stonesthrow from the historical cities of Saluzzo (Marchesato of Saluzzo), Mondovì (Monregalese), Racconigi (Earth of the Savoias), Bra (Roero) and, Dawn, brings of access of the Langhes as well as capital of the White Hypocrite and the great Wines. They represent all ideal destinations for the one who wants to cross the suggestive panorama of hills, alternating the discovery of suburbs historical and vivacious towns to the imposing buildings sabaudi as the Real Residence of Racconigi, summer abode had a preference for by Charles Alberto, surrounded by a grandiose park where they stately platans and noble oaks.

And all of this can also be crossed him/it in mountain bikes and city bikes to answer to the demands both of the impassioned ones of the fuoristrada both of the lovers of the runs on road in how much our structure sticks to the project Wedge Bike Hotel (to attach CIMG1137 and cross-reference to the site

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